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Understanding How Long You Can Stay in Brazil

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If you've read our article "Can I Stay in Brazil for More Than 90 Days as a Tourist?" but still have questions about staying longer, you're in the right place. In this article, we'll explain how the length of stay for foreigners in Brazil works.

For many foreigners in Brazil, understanding the rules can be tough. One big thing to know is the "migratory year." This is a rule that says how long you can stay in Brazil and other important immigration stuff.

What's the Migratory Year?

It's not as simple as a calendar year. The migratory year is 12 months from when you first enter Brazil. During this time, they'll count how long you've stayed in the country.

How Does It Work?

Let's say John, who's from the US, came to Brazil on December 6, 2023, with a tourist visa. His migratory year starts from then. So, each year from December 6 to December 5, he can stay in Brazil for the time allowed by the visa rules.

If John stayed for only 20 days on his first visit and left on December 26, 2023, when he comes back in 2024, he'll still be in his first migratory year. So, if he comes back in February, he'll have 160 days left, not 180, because he used up 20 days already.

What Happens If You Stay Too Long?

Breaking the rules can lead to fines, bans from returning, or even being sent back home. That's why it's important to plan your stay carefully.

Renewing Your Stay

If you want to stay longer, there are ways to renew your visa or get permission to stay. But make sure to start the process before your authorized time runs out to avoid problems.

If you need help, we're here for you! Contact us to schedule a consultation with BFA Immigration Law.

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