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Family Reunion Visa and Residence Authorization for Family Reunion in Brazil: Understanding the Difference.

Various factors, whether social, political, or economic, can impact family dynamics and cohesion, sometimes resulting in temporary separations. However, there are immigration measures that can be taken to reunite these families, such as: the visa and residence authorization based on family reunion. Many countries prioritize family reunification, and Brazil is one of them.

But how does this work? In this text, we'll explain!

The family reunion visa in Brazil is a document issued before arrival in Brazil, allowing foreigners to enter the country for the purpose of reuniting with members of their families. Usually temporary, it can be short-term (like a tourist visa for family visits) or long-term (for more permanent family reunions). The visa is issued at the Brazilian consulate or embassy in the applicant's country of origin.

On the other hand, the residence authorization for family reunion is a document granted after arrival in Brazil, allowing foreigners to legally reside in the country with their Brazilian or foreign resident relatives. It's a more lasting residence permit and usually requires proof of a specific family bond, as well as meeting the requirements established by Brazilian immigration law. This authorization is requested and issued within Brazil, by the Federal Police.

To determine which of these options best fits your situation and to receive assistance with the application process, please contact our team of lawyers. We are determined to help you reunite with your family! We can assist you in English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish. Let us handle the bureaucracy while you enjoy your stay in Brazil!

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